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Keith Wood is a founding director of W2 Consulting. Among his project focus includes Sports Capital consulting, brand and sports marketing. Read More
Mark is responsible for the research and strategic planning services for W2 Consulting. Read More
Research Consultant
Cathal is a multilingual commercial business graduate with six years business development experience with a keen interest in strategy development.
Project Consultant
Caroline is responsible for strategic project assessment, planning and project management in the areas of sport and tourism. Read More
Project Consultant - Tourism
Terry Stevens has worked on strategic sports projects and destination development in over 40 countries around the world. Read More
Project Consultant - Major Events
Martin is a director of both New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and also of Auckland World Master Games 2017, the entity charged with delivering an event of significant sporting and economic importance for Auckland, New Zealand Read More
Project Consultant - Events
Ian has extensive experience in project management and strategic research of various large scale development projects and mass participation events in the UK and Ireland. Read More
Project Consultant - Sport Tourism
Neil is a highly skilled operations & logistics specialist with a wide range of experience in the multi-sport events sector and Sports Tourism.Read More
Project Consultant - Economics
Daniel Fujiwara is an economist specialising in policy evaluation and social impact measurement. He has worked with and advised a large number of high-profile organisations .Read More