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W2 Consulting brings its own brand of innovation and challenge to all strategic development processes. Strategy takes many forms but ultimately needs to point a company, organisation or company in the right direction towards achievable outcomes. The following are a sample of clients who commissioned W2 Consulting for senior level research.

Fexco DCC

FEXCO-1W2 Consulting were commissioned to undertake an international research assignment with key market influencers, key accounts and stakeholders.  The research was conducted among senior management contacts and customer relationship managers.  The strategic research project included a range of primary research methods including multi lingual senior management interviews in USA, Asia and Europe to key account research using online and in person interviews.  W2 Consulting employs bespoke research methodology designed for each assignment and in house statistical analysis software programmes.

UL Sport
UL SPORT-1The sports department of the University of Limerick operates a wide range of sports facilities across the campus and off site.  W2 Consulting undertook a brand review to assess current brand positioning and future brand development requirements.  A programme of stakeholder engagement included research among facility users, key decision makers in sport across Ireland, internal workshops and discussion groups.  The result from the research programme was the creation of the UL Sport campus brand that encompasses all facilities and marketing of sport and activity internally and externally.

City Branding

W2 Consulting undertook a review of current city branding of a major regional Irish city.  The brand review included a series of stakeholder sessions, in depth interviews and international benchmarking.  The outcome of the review included a strategic marketing development programme to contribute to the City’s wider destination and economic development strategy.