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Tipperary County Council
logo-s W2 Consulting worked with Tipperary County Council (formerly North Tipperary County Council) in the delivery of a sport and cultural tourism European pilot programme.   The process included an industry visioning session for prioritisation of a number of segments in tourism for Tipperary and sector strategy for Tipperary.  The pilot programme also included the development of a sport tourism engagement programme working to develop a number of anchor events for Tipperary and secure local stakeholder and commercial partners.

Belfast City Tourism Strategy
BELFAST CITY COUNCIL-s W2 Consulting were part of the delivery team to review and develop the new Belfast City Tourism Strategy which included wide ranging stakeholder research and analysis from group workshops, in depth interviews and a Belfast tourism industry survey.

Cycling Ireland
CYCLING IRELAND-s Cycling Ireland is the all island governing body for cycling in Ireland.  W2 Consulting were appointed to devise the 5 year strategic plan for 2015-2019.  The process included wide ranging internal stakeholder and external consultation across all cycling disciplines, sports stakeholders, government agencies and a membership survey generating a response of 2,500 respondents. Based on the consultation process a new 5 year plan was developed.

SPORTORA-s Sportora are a HPSU company supported under Enterprise Ireland.  The company aim to provide the latest communications and social media system for sports clubs, supporters and governing bodies on a global basis.  W2 Consulting work with the Sportora team in the development of their product, internationalisation development and marketing strategy.