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W2 Consulting provide an independent perspective combined with a multi sectorial experience overview to all projects. We deliver a process within every project that involves assessment and analysis of the key issues through innovative evaluative techniques.  Our experience in undertaking independent reviews ensures all clients receive an objectively constructed evaluation of the issues under review.

Limerick Regeneration
Limerick Regeneration-s W2 Consulting provided a series of review and evaluation services in the development of the Limerick Implementation Framework plan.  The Framework document successfully attracted the support of Government across the physical, economic and social pillars of the document.  The economic development strategy was compiled by W2 Consulting.  The plan includes a range of innovation approaches to dealing to with social, economic and physical projects in areas of Regeneration and has been adopted by the Government for implementation.  The proposed National Social Innovation Hub included in the plan represents one of the key strategic projects to be adopted and will include a mix of employment, investment and training opportunities.

Additional independent reviews were conducted on site feasibility, cost benefit analysis and business planning.

Clare Local Sports Partnership – Irish Sports Council
CLARE CO CO-s The sports and activity programmes of Clare Local Sports Partnership, Irish Sports Council were independently reviewed by W2 Consulting.  The assessment examined the key outputs and associated benefits of sports programmes for adults, youths and their parents.  This multi-stakeholder review established the over impact of the programmes in terms of sports participation, creation of a sport enjoyment and health and well-being index for Clare.  The analysis also identified a range of outputs that enabled a cost benefit analysis to be conducted on the programmes examined.  This developed on from sports and coaching work undertaken for the GAA, Munster Council GAA.