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W2 Leadership

Over twenty five years we have worked in many sectors from Banking to Engineering, from Marketing to Media, from Sports Science to the Drinks Industry. Our perspective is that Leadership is never static or common. Differing styles and pressures sometimes need an external conduit to flourish – W2 is that conduit.

We have developed in house programmes to accelerate change and a series of programmes to deal with individual leadership and leadership in teams. Strategic Communications and story telling are key to our process.


W2 Advisory Consultancy

Sport, Psychology, Design, Broadcasting and Business all have differing perspectives and W2 has found that a blend of these forms a potent combination.

We act in an Advisory or Consultancy Role in many areas of Business, from Client Acquisition to Executive Networking, from Sponsorship Placement to Project Management. 


W2 Events

Since 1993, W2 has delivered highly targeted events for our clients. Invite-only from day one, we cater for as few as twelve to over a thousand. Our Foundation has been a key beneficiary of our expertise as we deliver on a Pro Bono basis.

W2 People

Keith Wood

Sportsman and Broadcaster in a past life, entrepreneur and relentlessly curious in this one.

Dr Kate Goodger

Psychologist with Team GB at seven Olympic Games and happiest when immersed in understanding and solving performance challenges.

Rob Nothman

Broadcast and Presentation Coach and passionate about helping communicators to deliver their messages in a clear, confident and authentic way.

William Jones

Helps businesses unravel the mysteries of Search Engine Optimisation and Website Conversion without sounding like a nerd.

W2 Philosophy

We are small but our reach is long.
We strive for excellence so we recruit the best.
We are local and global.
We are the product of our experience.
We choose to work with people we like as life is short.
We have fun but we are serious about our job.
We believe in word of mouth and discretion.

W2 Projects

Leadership work in global engineering firm, in UK and Australia.
Advisory role for global manufacturing business in Central Europe.
Sponsorship and presentation advisory for global management firm.
Leadership advisory role for leading healthcare provider in US.
Strategic assessment of international airport and port.
Project management advisory on town plans & community projects.
Set up and delivery of Foundation in The Ireland Funds.
Leadership advisory for several global banking firms.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”

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